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This is a good example of the Squat Assisted Pull Up (or Squat Pull) using playground equipment.

Though the author Ed Pierini¬†offers some suggestions, those wishing to use them as a “panaerobic” exercise in the way suggested by Dr. Schwartz might do them for timed continuous reps (working up to 15 minutes or more) or even as ”intervals” such as 30 seconds of as many reps as possible alternated with 30 seconds active rest. That combination might be repeated 10 or more times.

Dr. Schwartz also envisioned these being done at a “Pan-X” device¬†(patented as a “Strength-endurance exercise apparatus
US 4932653 A”) where it was possible to move from this exercise after 2 minutes to other exercises using as much overall muscle tissue as possible (not isolation exercises done in a “Circuit”).

Dr. Schwartz envisioned the Squat Pull as a heavier strength building move that – over time – could become a major staple of the Longstrength workout. Till then he proposed using the move till tiredness was reached, and then inserting a less strenuous move as a form of “active recovery” and as part of a larger series of moves in a “medley”.

No video is available (as far as anyone knows) of Dr. Schwartz doing his “Squat Pull” though he worked up to 2000 repetitions using alternating one arm pulls!

Here is a drawing by John McKean depicting Dr. Schwartz’ “Squat Pull” that lets the quadriceps (thighs) and arms assist one another. Due to having a rigid bar, Schwartz would even “push” in the downward movement somewhat.



Longstrength Squat Pulls Courtesy John McKean

How do you do the Squat Pull without a rigid bar? Or with what would be much more common today for most people than a squat rack or “power rack”, that is, a suspension trainer? Some experimentation is in order, but this video may have the key.