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John performs a “Longstrength” upright row and partial squat combo with a band. Image courtesy John McKean.

At least one Schwartz student suggests doing “Longstrength” workouts with resistance bands. Here’s a routine John McKean did while rehabbing from a knee injury that resulted from a fall while fishing. With weight lifting contests in the near future, he had to devise a plan for his own rehab. Before the injury he used other forms of “panaerobics” as a 20 minute (or so) warm up for his weight lifting activities. Those previous routines (which are linked to from other pages on this site) had to be adapted to work around the knee injury. Notice how “belly aerobics” were used as part of the overall workout! Here’s what he came up with using the “Longstrength principle” as his rehab warm up before doing specific training for his contest lifts: