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Image Courtesy Suppeversity Blog

Suppversity is a brilliant blog to read… Here’s one of their latest articles on fatburning you should read for yourself:

HIIT or LISS – A Question of Efficacy? High Intensity Interval Training Kickstarts Fatty Acid Oxidation & Metabolism to Make Up for the Higher Energy Exp. During LISS in 24h

It’s not only worth reading, but thinking through in light of Dr. Leonard Schwartz’ philosophy of Panaerobics because – as you know – Dr. Schwartz approved of and encouraged the use of intervals and brief workouts, but NOT in the ways they are conceived in light of the modern discussions about “High Intensity Interval Training” and total exercise time.

(Just so we’re all on the same page “HIIT”, again, stands for High Intensity Interval Training. “END” stands for “endurance training” which for this study’s purposes are the same as “LISS” = “Low Intensity Steady State” exercise.)


schwartzvidToday, “High Intensity Interval Training”  (abbreviated “HIIT”) is the “rage”.  Some claim it even burns 9 times more fat than “steady state cardio”! (see below for the misquoted research!)

The common line is… “Stop working out so long! Work out hard and intense using intervals!”

As a result, people who yesterday were blobs of blubber sitting on the couch are now told to be in the gym doing “high intensity interval training” with no preparation or foundation whatsoever!

One recent article even promised people they could get fit with a “10 Minute workout“. Unfortunately the research article quoted in support of that contention was mis-interpreted! The scientist behind the study contended sedentary people could greatly improve their overall fitness with 10 minute workouts – if they had 15 of those 10 minute workouts per week! OOPS! Slight oversight there, eh? A recommendation of 150 minutes per week is a bit different than 30 minutes a week isn’t it?  (more…)