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rebounder1“Exercise intensity increased by addition of handheld weights to rebounding exercise” This older study (1995)  looked into the effect of using hand held weights to increase the intensity of rebounding exercise. They concluded “The addition of [Hand Held Weight or HHW] exercise to rebounding substantially increases exercise intensity. Because rebounding without weights results in a relatively low intensity, the addition of HHW should be considered in the use of rebounding for cardiovascular training.”

What’s a rebounder?  It’s essentially a mini-trampoline. There are many incredibly cheap ones that could injure you and then there are the rebounders warrantied for users up to 400 pounds with a premium price, and rebounders priced at the mid-range with a good reputation like the Urban Rebounder “as seen on TV”!

Advantages to the rebounder vary by who you ask. Zealous promoters of these products list numerous benefits which to some degree are likely true. Less dramatic promoters highlight the ability to use these devices to work at home, promote circulation and healing, and as a platform for exercise that can be as challenging as you wish to make it! Before outrageously expensive “treadmills” rebounders or mini-trampolines were the standard device for people training indoors. Many trainees considered them excellent tool for developing leg strength thanks to the jumping and the high “G” force landings that could be created for experienced users. (Inexperienced users can potentially injure themselves even on premium rebounders!) Unlike any other training device, the rebounder allows for the development of balance and agility while working out… attributes appreciated more as folks age and the tendency is to become unstable.