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In the video below you can see people participating in the “Dragan Challenge”. ┬áDragan Radovic is well known for a particular strength endurance feat … the alternating one arm curl and press which he calls the “vertical lift”. He’s famous for challenging not only individuals but whole teams to do more of these lifts than he can. To date, he has never been beaten even by 10 people!

So how will a 70 year old man hold up to the challenge?

As he describes in his book (left), he came to two conclusions over time. First was the importance of the free squat as a lower body exercise. He may do 1000 or more per day as a foundation for any other exercise. Much later┬áhe came to a conclusion very similar to Dr. Leonard Schwartz. “Why can’t the arms be used to drive endurance exercise like the legs?” The title “Fitness 4×4” comes from his desire to harness both arms and legs for total fitness like a four wheel drive vehicle. Fans of Leonard Schwartz will have heard that before. The main difference is that Schwartz wanted the arms and legs moving together at the same time. That factor is not part of the “Challenge” though it can be seen in the “Hour of Power” workout Radovic also developed.