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Double Ski Poling

Double Ski Poling

To be honest, this blog has made fun of people who undersell the required amount of WORK actually required to get verifiable results from any exercise program… like the fellow who talked about “10 Minute Workouts” and quoted a scientific paper that noted that FIFTEEN “10 Minute workouts” per week were in order! You can see that here! 

Dr. Schwartz, though, wanted to develop exercise systems convenient enough, fun enough, and “accessible” enough to people just “crawling off the couch” would WANT to work out, even if it were just for a few minutes at a time! He mentions just that much in his patent filings and other places.

The truth is that workouts as short as THREE MINUTES could have a beneficial cardiovascular effect! 

They simply were not meant to be the “entire workout plan” … but part of a larger program as we’ll see…