Good Morning Dips

Here’s an illustration of the “Good Morning Dip” by John McKean, a student of Dr. Len Schwartz and advocate of “Longstrength” training for weight lifters.   The “Good Morning” is another name for the “forward bend”… like that done when “touching your toes”.

Defining Panaerobics

Here’s how Dr. Schwartz and company  tried to explain the “Panaerobics” concept which covered BOTH the use of weights in Heavyhands , but also his free hand exercise forms with “Isotonometrics” and bodyweight exercises. This is from the former (now defunct) panaerobics website. The logo on the left was also from Dr. Schwartz’ original site. In Dr. Schwartz’ …

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What is IsoTonoMetrics – Via the “Way Back Machine”

What exactly are “Isotonometrics”? Basically they are Dr.Schwartz’ combination of “Isotonics” and “Isometrics” in one movement… a “moving isometric” or what some call “isomotion” today… The “isometric resistance” was produced by a variety of “handclasps” where one arm resists the other through pushing or pulling in varying directions. Unlike traditional isometrics or “dynamic tension”, the arm …

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Wholebody Fitness for Seniors VHS (IsoTonoMetrics)

Dr. Leonard Schwartz created a video to demonstrate the performance of “isotonometrics”. Oddly enough the video title did not include the name! The video is still available in VHS format here: WholeBody Fitness for Seniors If that is no longer available, the reader can read the patent filing related to “hand clasps” or “isotonometrics” and …

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Dr. Schwartz’ Exercise Patents

One newly “mined” source of information about Dr. Schwartz’ progress in thought regarding Strength Endurance, Panaerobics, Isotonometrics, and Long Strength, and Panaerobics comes from patents filed with the US Patent Office on a variety of topics. Of course, there are the original patents for his “HeavyHands” weights called the “Apparatus for exercising that is used with a hand“ or “Aerobic …

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