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Somehow I’ve missed this Pavel book until today… This is Pavel’s book on stretching. He starts with a pretty amazing assertion… most of us are already flexible enough to do gymnastic style feats. Say what? Yes! Our muscles could allow us to move through a wider range of motion… if they would. Why don’t they? […]

Background on this Isometrics Strength Review (Skip ahead unless you want to miss an important warning)… If you’ve been around the bodyweight exercise scene for a while, you may be familiar with Todd Kuslikis and his site “” on bodyweight exercise. It’s a good site though hasn’t, apparently, been updated for quite some time.  The […]

I’ve been gone for quite a while, but I ran across this book by Marty Gallagher and decided a review would be a good way to drop back in and say “Hello”! The book for review is CrossCore® Hardcore: Revolutionary Resistance: How to Build Maximum Muscle and Extreme Strength Without Weights, Machines or Gyms Kindle […]