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I’ve been gone for quite a while, but I ran across this book by Marty Gallagher and decided a review would be a good way to drop back in and say “Hello”! The book for review is CrossCore® Hardcore: Revolutionary Resistance: How to Build Maximum Muscle and Extreme Strength Without Weights, Machines or Gyms Kindle […]

Longstrength for Nordic Walking

Posted: 1st February 2016 by strongman in General
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Nordic Walking by definition is “Panaerobic”…some estimate that 90% of one’s musculature is involved. Whatever the amount Dr. Schwartz defined it as basically any movement activating all 4 limbs and as much muscle as possible. It’s a nice alternate day exercise for me – I find it works well doing HeavyHands one day and this […]

If you’re doing Nordic Walking here’s a Facebook group to post your workouts! Nordic Walking Workouts Join us!

Nordic Walking Roller Poles

Posted: 29th January 2016 by strongman in General

Just when you think you’ve seen everything in the Nordic Walking field – something new catches your attention.  In this case it occurred on interstate 10 on the road to El Paso at a rest stop! I met the Tim Affield, inventor of Nordic Walking Roller Poles on his morning walk (pictures below from his website […]

Here’s what this poll is asking about… Dr. Schwartz’ “Pan-X” or “Strength Endurance Exercise Device” as pictured on this page. It’s use is described in this earlier post: “Jogging Longstrength Style” Here’s a sample workout using a therapist’s walker as a substitute to give you some ideas. A real Pan-x machine would be more sturdy […]

Another Take on the Walk and Squat

Posted: 19th December 2015 by strongman in General
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   This article at Men’s Fitness fit my topic earlier today about “Walking and Squatting“. It fits the basic definition of walking and squatting, but it’s at a heavier weight than what I described earlier because I was referring to HeavyHands. This involves a heavier but submaximal squatting weight. Shouldering the weight, the athlete walks 10 […]

More on the Walk and Squat

Posted: 19th December 2015 by strongman in General
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A while back I wrote about discovering that Dr. Schwartz would (when he chose) squat every 10 paces while walking and taking his handweights overhead (“Level 3” or “Level 3.5” in “HeavyHands speak). Previously I’d done sets of 20 squats while walking with HeavyHands, but always wondered how effective it was. I became fascinated with […]

As big fans of HeavyHands know, one of Dr. Schwartz’ early inspirations (besides a torn hamstring from running) was CROSS COUNTRY SKIING.  The “Panaerobic” action of all limbs moving simultaneously against resistance gave cross country skiiers HUGE abilities to process oxygen … far more than other athletes. Nordic Walking is the “cousin” of cross country skiing […]

Sometimes, HeavyHands users get stuck in a rut…the standard “pump and walk” exercise is usually the first one we learn and becomes the one we “default” to. Though Dr. Schwartz wrote two books highlighting many different techniques for obtaining the variety needed to keep HeavyHands interesting mentally while providing a full body workout, sometimes other […]