What is Heavy Hands Training?

Posted: 19th March 2021 by strongman in General

Why should I add heavy hand training to my fitness regime?

Heavy hands as a fitness training that will improve cardio endurance. It also improves your overall strength so it is really is as close to the perfect exercise regime as you can probably get . In short heavy hands training will allow you to realize extra gains in stamina and strength while helping improve your general fitness.

How to Exercise With Heavy Hands Weights

There are a variety of heavy hands exercises that you can do, which one is best depends on where you are working out. When you are in a gym you will have more room than when you are home, lack of space is not an excuse for not following the heavy hands training program.

Heavy Hands Training at Home

If you have a small area for your workouts, maybe a spare room or  even the living room after everyone else has gone to bed, don’t worry you can still achieve your exercise goals. Consider trying out shadow boxing exercises, but with weights in your hands. Traditional shadow boxing is a good cardio workout, add heavy hands and now you are getting a muscle workout as well.

Include some bob and weave type movement so you move up and down as you fight an imaginary opponent by throwing punches to the air. Throwing punches for 10 minutes takes some real stamina for most of us, try doing it with a weight in each hand and see just how long 10 minutes really is.

Stairs are your friend, when you are doing fitness training at least. Going up and down the stairs at home is a good cardio workout and if you use the heavy hands method of training then it becomes a good muscle workout as well. While going up the stairs simply swinging and pumping your hands with purpose while having a weight in each hand will increase your workouts effectiveness dramatically.

Go Heavy or Go Home

This is an expression that used to be thrown around a lot at the free-weight gyms in the 90s (and probably still is). Heavy hand’s weights come in all sizes, do not automatically go for for the heaviest. Using too much weight in any type of exercise is a recipe for an injury. If you are a beginner and new at the heavy hand’s exercises, you should start with light weights. Choose weights that match your strength levels as they are now, not what you wish they were.

Before you start increasing the weights you are using in your exercises, you should first start increasing the number of reps you are doing and how long your workout is. Using too much weight will do you more harm than doing more reps or increasing the length of workout.

Be consistent with your training, training for three or four days a week with a 20 to 30 minutes session. The training should not be four continuous days; rather, you should skip a day to give your muscles time to heal.  Once you can consistently do your chosen exercises without feeling like you are not noticing the weights you are carrying then it is time to increase the weights. If you start with 5lbs, move on up to 10lbs, and keep the intensity the same, keep swinging those arms and keep on moving.

Get Results Quickly

It is possible to build your desired body with less effort in the comfort of your own home, you don’t need to go to a gym or do the strenuous exercises that leave you feeling sick and tired. You just have to spend a few minutes each day, maintain consistency in your heavy hands exercises. Do the same exercises every other day and gradually increase the number of reps, the length of time you are doing exercises for and the weights you are using.

The weighted hands training methodology works for anyone, the exercises are durable easy to understand and easy to follow. Something as simple as walking the dog can become an opportunity to burn some calories and build some muscle.

Burn More Calories Without Thinking About It

Running is not for everyone some people will find it difficult to run due to joint or limb problems. In some cases, like in the cities where they are congested, it might not be easy to run. Walking is a good alternative of course, and there are ways you can increase your walking without even thinking about it. Park further away from the store, walk the dog one extra time each day, walk him a bit further than normal. These few easy to do changes can increase the distance you walk over the week dramatically.

Add weighted hands to you new walking regime and you will be burning extra calories and building muscles without even noticing it.

Weighted hands will help you burn more calories compared to when you go walking alone. Apart from burning calories, you will also be able to tone your muscles. Muscles use more calories than fat so the more you build your muscle the more calories you will be burning every waking moment.

Using weighted hands allows you to work the upper parts of your body without straining your knees, ankles, and hips. It can be as simplae as when you take the dog out, remember to pick up the weights and swing those arms

Start Using Heavy Hands for your Exercise 

 It is a simultaneous form of exercise – unlike other exercises that you will have to harness each part of the muscle with a different type of heavy hands training, it is different. We say this exercise is simultaneous as it engages all the four limbs to work out. Therefore this makes it better compared to other forms of exercise, which are tiresome.

 Helps you build on strength and endurance – Dr.Schwartz noted that after starting to work on his heavyweights, his heartbeat rate changed from 60 beats to 40-50 per minute. Unlike other workouts, some athletes will have to lift heavy weights with the heavy hand’s exercise method you only need small weights. Through the repetition of the exercise, you can gain much strength and increase the weight loads gradually.

How Heavy Hands Weights Help You Lose Weight

 Pumping as light as 2lbs of heavy hands weights will be so significant compared to walking without the weights to help in energy consumption.

 According to physicians, a heavy hand user can increase their range of energy consumption from 30-300%. The more muscle you build the more calories you will burn. Even a small increase in muscle can have dramatic effects on your burn rate.

 In normal walking for an hour, most people will lose about 350 calories, but when using the heavy hand weights, users will burn approximately 450-600 calories an hour. The more you swing your arms, the more weights you use the more calories you burn.

Any Exercise is Better Than NO Exercise

This is the one lesson that I wish everyone would learn. Walking for 20 minutes a day is better than no walking at all. Walking for 20 minutes and following the Heavy Hands training program is even better,