Forearm Forklift Moving StrapsThe original version of “Forearm Forklift Moving Straps” already made a fine improvised strap that some used for a make shift suspension trainer or as an strap for isometric exercises. What set it apart from webbing or lashing straps were 1) the broader width 2) fairly non abrasive cloth 3) 800 pound capacity and – not to be underestimated -4)  padded grip areas at each end!

Doing isometric “deadlifts” were possible… and as with a barbell, hand strength not whole body strength might become a limiting factor.

With one strap a kind of “hack squat” or “Zercher” squat could be done usually.

What’s different NOW though is that Forearm Forklift has produced a version that includes a HARNESS

This harness comfortably goes over each shoulder and links to the forearm forklift handles.

What this means is that one strap can be used for powerful isometric squats and hip and back type work without being limited by hand strength or endurance!

Using the shoulder harness with one strap can also let one forearm forklift strap suffice for overhead presses…. just grab the harness while standing on the strap and press!

Want to PULL something? Harness yourself with this to a weighted sled and pull.  Or harness yourself to an inanimate object and do isometric pulls! Your hands and shoulders will not be the weak links anymore! You’ll be getting the exercise your legs and hips need!

Here’s what the harness apparatus looks like in action hauling around a big home safe… I guess you could do that too for some exercise!

Forearm Forklift Harness

However you want to do it, the Forearm Forklift with Harness is a comfortable, handy improvised tool to help people who work out at home on a limited budget and especially if you’re needing a harness or want to do isometrics with something that won’t cut into your shoulders as much or make your hands and arms the weak link that holds back your hips and legs.

If you already have the moving straps, you can even get the harness separately it seems.

Who else has used Forearm Forklift for improvised workout gear? Let us know your experience! Thanks.

PS: I would be remiss if I didn’t let folks know that the man who told me about Forearm Forklifts for isometrics is “Gruntbrain” of “Gruntbrain’s Grotto”!