Pan-X ApparatusHere’s what this poll is asking about… Dr. Schwartz’ “Pan-X” or “Strength Endurance Exercise Device” as pictured on this page.

It’s use is described in this earlier post: “Jogging Longstrength Style”

Here’s a sample workout using a therapist’s walker as a substitute to give you some ideas. A real Pan-x machine would be more sturdy and not only allow dipping, but also have a higher cross bar for pulling up.

Your participation is very important. I for one would like to see this project go forward!

Hey, if there are FEATURES or PRICE RANGES that would affect your decision, PLEASE leave your thoughts in the comment section.

PS The blog owner has no plans to build or market these devices. Someone who might want to asked me to post this poll however.

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  1. Dennis Embo says:

    No I wouldn’t buy on at this time. I have a pair of Lebert Equalizers which I’m very pleased with and find them very versatile for my fitness needs. Plus they store very nicely in the den where I work out at home.


  2. John says:

    Could someone who chose “other” clarify what you mean?! I sincerely would like to know as I am confused by that particular response!

    Thank you,


  3. John says:

    Update on Pan-X, sadly I do not think the manufacturing of Pan-X will come to pass. One of the two “principles” seemed very interested, the other lots of questions, doubts.

    I have done as much as I feel I can and have placed to ball fully in their court and will just wait to see what if anything becomes of it.



  4. alain jackson says:

    There are now videos on YouTube showing Len Schwartz using the Pan-X device. Looks hardcore. Lookup panaerobic longstrength. There are 4 videos

  5. J. O'Donnell says:

    Dr. Schwartz’s reseach with Heavyhands is still ahead of its time 40 years later and his next breakthrough, the Pan X machine and workouts, which can be found on YouTube, were about to change the fitness world again until his untimely death. We have been stuck with stupid gadgits and resistance bands that snap and cause injuries. Please, Please, someone take his Pan X machine and exercises on YouTube and revolutionize the fitness market again. Please!