Another Take on the Walk and Squat

This article at Men’s Fitness fit my topic earlier today about “Walking and Squatting“.

It fits the basic definition of walking and squatting, but it’s at a heavier weight than what I described earlier because I was referring to HeavyHands.

This involves a heavier but submaximal squatting weight. Shouldering the weight, the athlete walks 10 meters (or across the gym) and does a set of squats. After the last squat, another walk with the weights is done, then another set of squats, Etc.

The exercise involves a huge amount of muscle. Is it panaerobic?

I’ll leave that for you to decide… I’d assume it would be MORE likely “panaerobic” if some upper body work were done… Some overhead presses, some push presses, or jerks possibly. Of course it might be easier if these were front squats…or  done with Dumbbells or Kettlebells at shoulder height. 

However you do them, they could be another way of adding walking and squatting to your routine.
Note: Image courtesy Men’s Fitness article referenced…

2 thoughts on “Another Take on the Walk and Squat”

  1. I guess what was old is now ‘new’ again. It sounds incredibly challenging. I’d like to know how to incorporate this type of training into a sports conditioning program i.e. American football, wrestling etc. Also, if one doesn’t have much time for a walk, would a light jog with hand movement be as effective as the hour long walk with the pan movements?

    1. Hi Cesar, Schwartz started with running with the hand weights – a friend of mine used them to train for an infamous hill in the Boston Marathon. The hand weights made running the hill much easier! Just try to move instead of carrying the weights!

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