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This is a good example of the Squat Assisted Pull Up (or Squat Pull) using playground equipment. Though the author Ed Pierini offers some suggestions, those wishing to use them as a “panaerobic” exercise in the way suggested by Dr. Schwartz might do them for timed continuous reps (working up to 15 minutes or more) or […]

Kettlebells for Cardio and a Dr. Schwartz Flashback

Posted: 1st July 2015 by strongman in General

Suppversity, that great blog that reviews sports related research, has a great short entry today on Kettlebells and Cardio… it’s near the bottom of the article… another subject is discussed at length first. Here’s the bottom line: Two similar groups of athletes were given 20 minute workouts designed to improve their “cardio”… either kettlebell snatches […]