How the Turkish Get Up changed my Life!

Posted: June 29, 2015 in General

It’s not “Strength Endurance” per Se but one of the many complaints against Heavy Hands are alleged rotator cuff injuries – even Dr Schwartz had one later in life that he believed was cured by IsoTonoMetrics (as stated in his video).

So if rotator cuff injuries are a worry, some Heavy Hands folk may like to know about this exercise.

Dre Fitness

This old time Strongman exercise can take your body to a whole new level of performance.

In my younger days, I used to think that the Bench Press was the only way to get the body I wanted.

So I benched.

And then I benched some more.

But something funky started happening with my body.

The bench press destroyed my shoulders.

My shoulders ached, my strength flat-lined, and my posture sucked.

I finally realized that the Bench Press was doing more harm than good for me.

The Turkish Get Up is 100% pure functional strength, for an empowered lifestyle.

There are SO MANY benefits from doing the Turkish Get Up — it’s no surprise that this is a highly popular exercise among combat athletes. This is functional strength at its finest.

Here’s the benefits for a regular person like you and me:

  1. Fat loss, metabolism booster
  2. Increased shoulder stability at…

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