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Pierini Heavyhands 7 Movement Medley

Posted: 30th June 2015 by strongman in Heavy Hands Exercises

One minute per exercise = one round. Complete three to five “rounds” as your fitness capacity and goals allow or require! Originally posted at Pierini Fitness… thanks for sharing Ed!

How the Turkish Get Up changed my Life!

Posted: 29th June 2015 by strongman in General

It’s not “Strength Endurance” per Se but one of the many complaints against Heavy Hands are alleged rotator cuff injuries – even Dr Schwartz had one later in life that he believed was cured by IsoTonoMetrics (as stated in his video). So if rotator cuff injuries are a worry, some Heavy Hands folk may like […]

Russian Girevoy (Kettlebell Sport) StampA discussion on the HeavyHands Yahoo Forum  came up recently about Kettlebells and HeavyHands. One factor that came up is something this author wasn’t aware of… there are two rather different schools when it comes to doing kettlebells… a “Rigid Style” and a “Fluid Style”. As Steve Cotter (Amazon Author Page Link) noted […]