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IGrip Isometric Fitness and IsoTonoMetrics

Posted: 20th January 2015 by strongman in General

[youtube] The IGrip Isometric Fitness Device depicted in the video above is heralded as the “first isometric training device with an electronic display”. When shown in use, the device is shown being used in a way that’s similar to IsoTonoMetrics or the Iso-Bow… i.e. with hands moving and upperbody movement accompanied by lunges, torso […]

Is Body Pump “basically the same as” HeavyHands or Panaerobics? (more information can be found here: Some say that there is a similarity because both seem to use relatively light weights and high reps. Is that true? Is the defining aspect of Dr. Schwartz’ exercise systems “high reps”? Or even the use of weights necessarily? In reality, […]