Upper Back, Neck or Muscle Pain? Try This! Rowan Ellis on a little known cause of muscle pain!

You’ll probably have to click through to Vimeo to see the video because of it’s privacy settings, but that would be worth your time!

Rowan Ellis’ work here has helped me a great deal to find a quick, drug free method of pain relief for some nagging muscle issues that I had but didn’t understand… shoulder and neck pain whether from workouts or just sleeping in a strange bed while traveling.

His simple technique shown for free in his video (along with the scientific demonstration of why it works) will be very helpful in getting over the normal aches and pains of sport, exercise or life!

Check out Rowan Ellis‘ work for yourself. It will be helpful! If the video isn’t available below, visit this link!

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/64031000]

2 thoughts on “Upper Back, Neck or Muscle Pain? Try This! Rowan Ellis on a little known cause of muscle pain!”

  1. Interesting. His approach seems to have some family relation to dynamic tension and other self-resistance exercises. Personally, over the years I’ve found these sorts of moves particularly helpful in understanding how antagonistic muscle groups function. I’ve also found, by the way, that many untrained people have little insight into which muscles are involved in any given movement. If you doubt this, ask someone unfamiliar with formal exercise to contract, say, their triceps. You’d think everyone would intuitively understand that the muscles at the back of the arm are involved in extending the arm around the elbow joint, but I’ve often found this to be a source of some confusion. The other issue, of course, is becoming aware of the muscles we involuntarily contract to compensate for our intentional movements, especially when these are performed improperly.

    By the way, I loved the Kiwi accent!


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