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Click here to be redirected to the Leonard Schwartz HeavyHands Video
Click here to be redirected to the Leonard Schwartz HeavyHands Video

One of the most popular search terms used to find this blog is “Leonard Schwartz HeavyHands Video”.or “HeavyHands Workout Video”.

Most of Dr. Schwartz’ videos like this were on VHS. There is one known version of it streaming online. If you’d like to see it, please visit this link: Leonard Schwartz HeavyHands Video

This presentation is approximately 59 minutes. It is titled “HeavyHands Panaerobics” because HeavyHands was, indeed, the first version of “Panaerobics” pioneered by Dr. Schwartz and subsequently followed by “Longstrength Calisthenics” and “ISO”.

Unlike Dr. Schwart’z <a href="” target=”_blank”>HeavyHands books like “HeavyHands Walking” or “HeavyHands: The Ultimate Exercise” which emphasize the use of weighted hands while walking, jogging, or even running, this HeavyHands video portrays a workout system designed to be done indoors with only a few steps (usually no more than 4) in any direction.

While walking or jogging with HeavyHands cannot be said to display a “Dancelike” motion (some pictures of groups walking with HeavyHands doing back exercises look anything but dance like – and, in fact, make the walkers look more like a flock of DoDo birds!), Leonard Schwartz’ HeavyHands video offers a dance like exercise with plenty of “flow” emphasizing what Dr. Schwartz called “grace”. He enjoyed performing his exercise indoors and to music… it’s easy to see how HeavyHand performed this way could be benefited by music.

Leonard Schwartz’ HeavyHands Panaeorbics – as displayed in the linked video – is still going strong for a group of devoted users. Hopefully this blog will help encourage a RESURGENCE of Dr. Schwartz’ exercise insights! If you’re interested in the video just as a refresher because you’ve been doing HeavyHand Panaerobics for years, please take us up on our invitation below! We’ve found that many folks communicated with Dr. Schwartz directly and consider themselves “his students”. If you learned something from Dr. Schwartz that you don’t think is properly being passed on to folks today, take this opportunity to “set the record straight” and help more folks learn about panaerobics!

Invitation to experienced users of Leonard Schwartz’ HeavyHands Panaerobics: Have something to share from your own conversations/correspondence with Dr. Leonard Schwartz on HeavyHands, Panaerobics, IsoTonoMetrics, etc? We’d love to hear from you and document your experience here for others to find! Please leave a comment on any page and the blog curator will get in touch with you! Thanks!

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  2. greg45king@aol.com

    I am a Heavyhander, using my weights to keep going for the past 30 years. I am now 64 and still enjoying the exquisite variety of moves and stretching. I walk 35-40 minutes on 4 days/week with 6-7 lb. Heavyhands . i want to find a set of 9 pounders; it will complete my set and I am building up to needing it in a few months. Also, I would love to find copies of Heavyhands Panaerobics and Instructional for the winter workouts.

    Finally, i’d like to get connected to what remains of the Heavyhands community. The yahoo group seems to have disappeared and I don’ t know where to find others who practice our ancient art of Longstrength.

    Can anyone help me?


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