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nevergymlessMany people who do HeavyHands/Longstrength/Panaerobics/IsoTonoMetrics or some combination prefer to work out at or near home. Especially those doing “Longstrength Bodyweight” work want to know about replacements for Dr. Schwartz’ “Pan-X” machine.

Some replacements are “Suspension Trainers” or “Gymnastic Rings”, “Bariatric Walkers” (don’t get the ones with wheels!) and many other home made or relatively simple devices. But there may be other options you need to consider that you’d prefer.

One of the best resources for creating/improvising/setting up a home based workout environment is the ebook “Never Gymless” by Ross Enamiat.

It’s 230 pages covering many different types of exercise, possible workouts with no or minimal equipment, and how to train without an expensive gym.

All of his material at Ross Training is very low priced (usually under $13!) but densely packed with information, so you may wish to check out his other resources.

One caveat: From the “Panaerobics” perspective of Dr. Schwartz, Ross doesn’t speak “Panaerobics”… but as far as telling you how to build a home gym, he really can’t be beat! His training forum can be helpful from time to time too. You’ll just have to take his information and realize that to follow Dr. Schwartz’ prescription for exercise, you need to be working as much muscle mass as possible at the same time using all 4 limbs at one time if possible.

On the other hand, a simple set of $10 furniture sliders used for “Ab Rollouts” can be used to create a high intensity workout that exercises most of your arm, trunk, core, and back muscles in one movement. You could use an “Ab Roller” for this of course, but these sliders have other uses too. You might, for instance, be able to use them for “Jogging Longstrength Style” which can use sliders as well.

In other words, you never know where you’ll find some panaerobic inspiration when reading Ross’ work! Ross is a boxer by training so he certainly shares Dr. Schwartz’ interest in all around strength and endurance and knows how to build workouts that can help accomplish that when read with a discerning mind!

So check out this book if you’re trying to figure out how to set up a home gym for your workouts. There’s lots of interesting information there!

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4 thoughts on “Never Gymless by Ross Enamiat – Resources For Training At Home”

  1. Chuck, we seem to have many of the same books! I fully agree that Ross is one of the go-to guys for eclectic strength training, especially (though not restricted to) bodyweight exercise. Really, given such excellent home and outdoor training options as Len Schwartz’s multiple versions of longstrength, supplemented by the kind of strength and flexibility work Ross suggests here (and has personally field-tested) it’s hard to see why any but the most iron-obsessed would require the expense and inconvenience of regular trips to a commercial gym.

  2. Yes, David, Ross has a lot of good information, participates in the forum at his site and as you say – unless you have some special interest in the gym (for me it might be to use a Concept 2 Rower from time to time but I’m too cheap!) it’s hard to see why you couldn’t get a perfectly good workout with HeavyHands, Longstrength Bodyweight moves, and/or IsoTonoMetrics or some combination!

  3. Another good source of ideas, I’ve found, is Pavel Tsatsouline. I find his written style rather more hokey than Ross’s but my sense over the years is that he mainly knows (and can strut) his stuff. I know that there was mutual respect between Dr S and Pavel, and some degree of overlap between their philosophies, at least with respect to kettlebells. Actually, one of the things I got from Pavel, that has been the most enlightening and useful in practice, is about flexibility. This was after reading Beyond Stretching and subsequently watching some of his Youtube material. For example, following his specific suggestions, I was able to do things that I’d previously avoided like the plague, like touching my toes or holding a lengthy ‘atg’ squat position, both within about ten minutes of starting. No ill effects, either. His detailed insights on the relation between muscle tension in one area and release in another are right on the money.

    1. Yes, I’ve read some of Pave T’s material too…Naked Warrior and on Mobility which had some overlap with the stretching.I was reading one of his students use Pavel’s phrase about the “indignity of cardio”! That’s a great phrase…

      The kettlebell swing is offered as a cardio/fatburning replacement and a great “posterior chain” exercise in that student’s book and it probably works very well for all those things I think because Dr. Schwartz’ Dumbell Swing and Double Ski Poling are right in line with that. But in a way so is the Longstrength moves the Squat Pull and Good Morning Dips when done in combination.

      After reading Pavel on mobility I realized John Peterson had mentioned that all along but it took me a while to catch on! I do mobility work much more frequently now and also find the ISO with it’s torso twisting and forward bending helps the mobility too…

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