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If you had a leaky faucet and a plumber came out and announced they were done when they’d only fixed 35% of the leak, you’d be mad! If you went to the operating room for an appendectomy and they only took out 35% of your problematic appendix, you’d still be sick! If you opened your […]

One of the most popular search terms used to find this blog is “Leonard Schwartz HeavyHands Video”.or “HeavyHands Workout Video”. Most of Dr. Schwartz’ videos like this were on VHS. There is one known version of it streaming online. If you’d like to see it, please visit this link: Leonard Schwartz HeavyHands Video This presentation […]

Many people who do HeavyHands/Longstrength/Panaerobics/IsoTonoMetrics or some combination prefer to work out at or near home. Especially those doing “Longstrength Bodyweight” work want to know about replacements for Dr. Schwartz’ “Pan-X” machine.

Strength Endurance Blog’s New Facebook Page

Posted: 18th November 2014 by strongman in General

Looking for Panaerobics information on Facebook? There’s already a great HeavyHands page on Facebook here: (Unfortunately as I post this, the group seems to have gone missing on Facebook. Hopefully it will reappear soon…) Because this blog may start moving the comments section to Facebook (that’s not been decided yet) it’s probably best to have a […]

Was Dr. Schwartz a fan of Isometrics? Good question. Some say a definitive “no”. Even his “isometric like” exercises were “isotonic”! The answer is probably more nuanced in reality. On the sidebar of page 164 of  “H<a href="” target=”_blank”>HeavyHands:The Ultimate Exercise” Dr. Schwartz discusses isometrics. He finished the sidebar by noting that at the time […]

If you’re familiar with Charles Atlas or other self-resistance exercise systems (sometimes called “Dynamic Self Resistance” or “DSR”) Dr. Schwartz’ IsoTonoMetrics may still seem baffling to you. Don’t worry, many people are similarly baffled at first! Look at it this way, if you’re familiar with a variety of self-resistance exercises already, you’re half way there! […]

HeavyHands Group On Yahoo Reopens

Posted: 12th November 2014 by strongman in General

For many seeking information about HeavyHands, a natural place to look seemed to be the HeavyHands Group on YahooGroups! Till today, requests to join the group were allowed to languish for weeks until they finally expired and the moderator could not be contacted. Thanks to the diligent efforts of several group members who have visited […]

Recently on an internet forum, someone expressed doubt that Dr. Schwartz had promoted any other exercise protocol besides “HeavyHands”… especially one requiring NO EQUIPMENT! Why? Dr. Schwartz is known as the “HeavyHands” man! Unlike some fitness gurus who are “one trick ponies” it seems, Dr. Schwartz was too interested in learning new things and actually […]

“Exercise intensity increased by addition of handheld weights to rebounding exercise” This older study (1995)  looked into the effect of using hand held weights to increase the intensity of rebounding exercise. They concluded “The addition of [Hand Held Weight or HHW] exercise to rebounding substantially increases exercise intensity. Because rebounding without weights results in a relatively […]