A Simple Long Strength Workout Medley

The Pan-X device for Longstrength workouts... only 3 prototypes were built.
The Pan-X device for Longstrength workouts… only 3 prototypes were built.

Dr. Schwartz often talked about medleys when exercising, particularly in LongStrength calisthenics.

The problem for most people – especially since he never published his book on those calisthenics or sold his Pan-X tool (only 3 prototypes were made apparently) – is how to get started.

Here’s a simple workout that can get many muscles in your body working at various intensity levels and get your heart rate up to the training ranges mentioned in Dr. S’s books.

1. Total Body Extensions

2. Squat Rows

3 Incline (Doorway) Pushups or regular pushups if you can do sufficient numbers.

Longstrength users were advised by Dr. Schwartz to think in terms of MINUTES instead of REPETITIONS… but newbies can be excused for starting with the familiar (repetitions) and working their way to timed medleys. Often Dr. Schwartz had people think in terms of up to 5 exercises used for 2 minutes each, but the 3 mentioned today are a good starting place for many!

If you’re unsure about doing these exercises for TIME, try this counting technique:

5-10-15-20-20-15-10-5 for all three exercises in a circuit…

5 Total Body Extensions

5 Squat Rows

5 Incline Pushups

Then 10 of each, 15 of each, etc.

Be sure to monitor your heart rate if things seem to be either too fast paced or (if you’re pretty fit already) too slow paced.

When performed as suggested, 100 repetitions of each exercise are performed and this can be accomplished in 15-25 minutes depending on your fitness level.

Try it and see – you’ll at least get a taste of “LongStrength Medleys” and have a better idea of how to structure your own workouts in the future. The key is to rest one set of bodyparts while exercising others and – over a whole workout – work as much muscle aerobically as possible!

Again, this isn’t exactly like Dr. “S” described, but it may be enough to give you some exposure and help you understand the basic principles behind longstrength workout construction.


The Squat Rows were mentioned in an earlier post here. They were performed with a makeshift suspension trainer.   In this case the suspension trainer today was a Forearm Forklift  and homemade door anchor inspired by “gruntbrain’s workshop“.

Pushups should be done at an incline or with knees on the floor – whatever allows the user the most repetitions at this stage.

Here is the Total Body Extension exercise depicted courtesy Mike Whitefield.

Image Courtesy Mike Whitefield
Image Courtesy Mike Whitefield


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