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A Simple Long Strength Workout Medley

Posted: 31st October 2014 by strongman in General
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Dr. Schwartz often talked about medleys when exercising, particularly in LongStrength calisthenics. The problem for most people – especially since he never published his book on those calisthenics or sold his Pan-X tool (only 3 prototypes were made apparently) – is how to get started.

In a recent post the way in which Leonard Schwartz’ “IsoTonoMetrics” related to Charles Atlas and Dynamic Tension was mentioned. Since then, some new information has come to light from Dr. Schwartz’ “Fitness Method” patent that is worth sharing on this topic, especially if people want to understand the inner dynamics of Schwartz’ “IsoTonoMetrics” and […]

In the video below you can see people participating in the “Dragan Challenge”.  Dragan Radovic is well known for a particular strength endurance feat … the alternating one arm curl and press which he calls the “vertical lift”. He’s famous for challenging not only individuals but whole teams to do more of these lifts than […]

To be honest, this blog has made fun of people who undersell the required amount of WORK actually required to get verifiable results from any exercise program… like the fellow who talked about “10 Minute Workouts” and quoted a scientific paper that noted that FIFTEEN “10 Minute workouts” per week were in order! You can […]

The Testimony of a 30 Year “HeavyHander”

Posted: 23rd October 2014 by strongman in General

David Nyman is a 30 Year HeavyHander with a wealth of practical experience in HeavyHands! He left an excellent comment on the post “Was Dr. Schwartz Against High Intensity Interval Training?” Just so you don’t miss this information, the comment is being given it’s own “post”: Great blog! I’m also a long-term Heavyhander (30 years) […]

The title “Panaerobic Walking” is a bit misleading. After all, “HeavyHands” was by Dr. Schwartz’ definition “panaerobic”, i.e. seeking to mobilize as much muscle tissue as possible to process oxygen by using all four limbs simultaneously in a series of “inefficient” motions (i.e. motions unnecessary to accomplish the basic tasks of walking, jogging or running). […]

Today, “High Intensity Interval Training”  (abbreviated “HIIT”) is the “rage”.  Some claim it even burns 9 times more fat than “steady state cardio”! (see below for the misquoted research!) The common line is… “Stop working out so long! Work out hard and intense using intervals!” As a result, people who yesterday were blobs of blubber […]

It’s true! You can get started in IsoTonoMetrics in ONE STEP! Here’s how… (To be honest, I’m assuming you already know how to WALK! If you don’t already know how to walk, you’ll need two steps!)

A previous post started defining panaerobics. Here is some more in the way of definition from Dr. Schwartz’s Panaerobics website: This was in response to the question: “How does ISO generate such enormous strength and aerobic workloads?” The answer given below. Another definition of panaerobics is in bold, but the whole passage is worth considering:

At least one Schwartz student suggests doing “Longstrength” workouts with resistance bands. Here’s a routine John McKean did while rehabbing from a knee injury that resulted from a fall while fishing. With weight lifting contests in the near future, he had to devise a plan for his own rehab. Before the injury he used other […]