The Squat Pull or Squat Row on Suspension Trainer

Posted: September 8, 2014 in General
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Dr. Schwartz envisioned the Squat Pull as a heavier strength building move that – over time – could become a major staple of the Longstrength workout. Till then he proposed using the move till tiredness was reached, and then inserting a less strenuous move as a form of “active recovery” and as part of a larger series of moves in a “medley”.

No video is available (as far as anyone knows) of Dr. Schwartz doing his “Squat Pull” though he worked up to 2000 repetitions using alternating one arm pulls!

Here is a drawing by John McKean depicting Dr. Schwartz’ “Squat Pull” that lets the quadriceps (thighs) and arms assist one another. Due to having a rigid bar, Schwartz would even “push” in the downward movement somewhat.



Longstrength Squat Pulls Courtesy John McKean

How do you do the Squat Pull without a rigid bar? Or with what would be much more common today for most people than a squat rack or “power rack”, that is, a suspension trainer? Some experimentation is in order, but this video may have the key.

The video below is of a similar movement using a standard “suspension trainer”,  and it may be helpful for people wanting to emulate Dr. Schwartz use of whole body calisthenics. Dr. Schwartz’ up and down movement was possible because of the rigid rack. Suspension trainers – while allowing  a move similar to Dr. Schwartz’  – are not rigid and so adaptations of the movement are in order!

For purposes of clarity, instead of the “Squat Pull”, you may call it the “Squat Row”!

Your goal in making any adaptation as you experiment is to find a movement that allows you to work many muscles simultaneously, perform relatively high repetitions already (e.g. 35 to 50 repetitions), and keep building from there so that you’re doing a single exercise in terms of minutes instead of repetitions!

One benefit of this movement because it involves “leaning back” is that some people whose knees hurt during regular squatting moves find knee bends at this angle can be done with NO PAIN AT ALL!

Try it, and in the comments tell us your results!

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  3. Brice says:

    Actually, I have been doing squat pull-ups using gymnastic rings. They work just as good as a fixed bar and they are cheaper than suspension trainer. I adjust them at chin level and go at it.


  4. CH says:

    As Brice suggests, gymnastic rings can be used for this. Here’s some for about $30:


  5. Ed Pierini says:

    Chuck, here’s another video demonstrating something similar – squat-assisted pullups. Good for those with iffy knees and unable to do a dead-hang pullup.


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