Defining Panaerobics

Dr. Schwartz “Panaerobics-Longstrength” logo

Here’s how Dr. Schwartz and company  tried to explain the “Panaerobics” concept which covered BOTH the use of weights in Heavyhands , but also his free hand exercise forms with “Isotonometrics” and bodyweight exercises. This is from the former (now defunct) panaerobics website. The logo on the left was also from Dr. Schwartz’ original site. In Dr. Schwartz’ mind – as proved by the logo – “Panaerobics” and “Longstrength” were inseparable concepts that should always go together. 

Panaerobics Exercise mobilizes loads of body muscle while allowing the exerciser to work aerobically. That concept is the basic building block for a unique fitness system and for the tools that were eventually designed to help the Panaerobic exerciser. Developed in the late 1970’s by Leonard Schwartz, M.D., it has only become more refined and useful over time.

Panaerobics is sometimes called P-L training. “P” is for Panaerobics® and “L” is for Longstrength®! The two go hand in hand. There are four principles to this P-L system…

  1.  Muscle Loading: This merely means using as much muscle as is comfortably do-able with each exercise. Research and study at the University of Pittsburgh’s Human Energy Lab demonstrated that paid off handsomely.
  2. Verticality: This means working largely in the vertical so that you are lifting your own limbs (as weight) or limbs plus handweights and other portions of the body weight. Verticality means that you don’t have to “travel” to get a good workout. 
  3. Big Fitness Factor Mix: To go with muscle loading, we simultaneously add lots of qualities of the exercise experience . Fitness factors included are: strength, endurance, flexibility. In addition, P-L provides all sorts of subsidiary elements like agility, explosive power, balance, grace, and speed.
  4. Skill: This is the big sleeper in the exercise/fitness game. How do we stay motivated – or motivate others to exercise? How do we keep interest, imagination and focus alive during an exercise routine? Skill building is the mental or psychic link to our physiological puzzle. A sense of “mastery” is what makes you come back for more. Rather than a steady diet of any one thing, Panaerobics – Longstrength (P-L) provides a diverse and vast menu of options that are totally customizable. Diversity beats boredom!



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