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In a previous post on Isotonometrics, the question was asked: “So was this “isometrics”? Or “dynamic tension”? Or something else? That will be explored in a future article!” This is that article. Dr. Schwartz’s extant writings interact from time to time with the systems advocated by other fitness experts who are mentioned by name, like […]

The Tabata Lie

Posted: 23rd September 2014 by strongman in General
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Dr. Schwartz never mentioned “Tabata’s” – they were before his time. As the article demonstrates despite the popularity of the “Name” the principles are widely misunderstood. Schwartz’ protocols were for the more average person aiming to establish a solid base of fitness with exercise that was pleasurable – not dreaded because of its intensity. As […]

In Dr. Schwartz’ patent for “Strength Endurance Method”  he describes what became his “Pan-X” exercise apparatus. While he has a separate patent for that device, he mentions it in order to describe his strength endurance method. He describes a number of exercises for his strength endurance method and one is a version of “jogging”. Why is […]

Good Morning Dips

Posted: 15th September 2014 by strongman in General
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Here’s an illustration of the “Good Morning Dip” by John McKean, a student of Dr. Len Schwartz and advocate of “Longstrength” training for weight lifters.   The “Good Morning” is another name for the “forward bend”… like that done when “touching your toes”.

Dr. Schwartz envisioned the Squat Pull as a heavier strength building move that – over time – could become a major staple of the Longstrength workout. Till then he proposed using the move till tiredness was reached, and then inserting a less strenuous move as a form of “active recovery” and as part of a […]

Defining Panaerobics

Posted: 1st September 2014 by strongman in General
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Here’s how Dr. Schwartz and company  tried to explain the “Panaerobics” concept which covered BOTH the use of weights in Heavyhands , but also his free hand exercise forms with “Isotonometrics” and bodyweight exercises. This is from the former (now defunct) panaerobics website. The logo on the left was also from Dr. Schwartz’ original site. In Dr. Schwartz’ […]